Integ Acquires Davis Brothers Publishing

Integ LogoArea’s Two Largest Printing Companies Become One
As Integ Acquires Davis Brothers Publishing

Waco, TX—Integ, a local content delivery company, has announced the acquisition of Davis Brothers Publishing, a 90-year old commercial offset printing company. As the area leader in print and mail, Integ continues to grow their leadership position and strengthen their commitment to serving the local business community by acquiring DBP and their physical plant of more than 45,000 square feet.

“This is another piece of the puzzle,” says Integ CEO David Anderton. “We will not only be adding the web press capability of Davis Brothers, we’ll bring sophisticated digital and variable printing from our own operations to the expanded client base.” Anderton’s long-standing philosophy of growing his company by anticipating changes in the industry and affording local businesses the opportunity to find services locally is part of the strategic move to bring DBP into the Integ family.

Over the last 18 months, Integ has added additional digital printing capability, taken on Harrison Legan’s Hieronymus Printing in Temple, added a new wide-format printing division and acquired longtime promotional products company Laine Advertising. The gathering of all of these services under one roof is part of a focus on each individual customer’s needs, allowing them to integrate their communication strategies with a single provider. “By offering a wide variety of ways for our customers to connect with their customers, we are able to focus on all the details to assure the most effective and relevant communication takes place,” says Anderton. “Client by client, project by project, Integ will remain a customer-focused company. This expansion gives us the resources to grow our business while at the same time anticipating the future needs of our customers.”

Anderton began his business with three employees in 1994 by acquiring Brazos Printing. Eventually, he grew the company to 100+ employees and five locations. The addition of the DBP operation expands the company to over 120 employees with the most complete set of printing, mailing and content delivery offerings between Dallas and Austin. “It’s not just the size of our company,” says Anderton. “The added years of experience and superb craftsmanship that we continue to add to Integ are what make me most proud.”

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