Our History

Our History

PIA MidAmerica is a trade association with a long history. It began in the late 19th century when printers in Kansas City (1887) and San Antonio (1895) formed organizations to support their business efforts. As the regional economies grew in the 20th century, printers formed organizations in Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Dallas, Wichita (KS), Amarillo, and Austin. As times and markets changed, all those various organizations combined to form PIA MidAmerica. The early focus of the association dealt with organized labor, employee training and owner dinner meetings. Over the years the organization has continued to adapt to the industry’s current needs.

Today’s organization uses multiple medias to help educate its members and provides a broad range of services and information which assists print, imaging and marketing services provider of the 21st century to achieve their company goals. 

Although the print industry has changed dramatically in the past 100 years, many of our business concerns remain the same.  Here are articles from the 1914-1915 newsletter of the Typothetae of Kansas City (a predecessor organization) dealing with business issues which ring as true today as it did yesterday:

Officers, Member List and Code of Ethics
Inefficiency Must Go
The Difference Between a Solicitor and Real Salesperson
Credit Losses Are Preventable
In Canvassing a Possible Customer
Too Much Machinery
Printing Standards of Practice

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