ColorDynamics, Inc.
Robin Frantz
Allen, TX

Responsibilities: Prepare and maintain the materials and supplies necessary to keep the web press operating efficiently. Identify and move the correct paper to the press area. Check schedule and prepares the necessary paper for the next job while the current job is running. Remove roll wrapper and prepare roll for splicing. Monitor and maintain ink supply constantly during the press run. Keeps press chemical supplies full and plenty of rags on hand. Assists with wash up and webbing up press. Pack and hang plates and change blankets. Perform copy checks and job rule outs. Prepare boxes and skids as well as weigh and tag completed skids.

Skills: Basic printing knowledge including familiarity with pressroom operating procedures preferred. Mechanical aptitude. Ability to stand, bend, stoop and climb for extended periods of time. Ability to lift up to 40 lbs. Ability to read and make mathematical computations and able to work overtime as needed or required.

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