IT Director

Boelte Hall
Ralph Cowman
Roeland Park, KS
IT Director

IT Manager/Director responsibilities:
Reports to President/CEO

  1. System Administration: administration of servers. Maintain systems health. Perform regular backups. Perform updates. Have the expertise to run both OSX Server and Linux Servers and insure their proper operations and maintenance. Administer both physical and virtual systems (VMs) that run every aspect of the business and its integration with technology.
  2. Tier 1, 2, and 3 desk side and help desk support: Tier 1 is resolution through telephone and remote access. Tier 2 is deskside support. Tier 3 is advanced analysis and problem solving of more complicated client issues. Be capable to setup local backups and operating systems upgrades; as well as software installs and upgrades.
  3. Business analysis and procurement: determine business needs for hardware and software to assure a smooth everyday business operations of the company. Negotiate contracts with vendors and partners for technology related procurement.
  4. Network Administration: Insure the quality of service and its uptime. Administer the various network devices we use such as routers and wireless access points.
  5. IT Security: insuring the security of all Boelte system and protecting its greatest asset: Data. I manage the Boelte FTP systems and insure that it runs safely and securely. Responsible for modifying the IT security policy as needed to insure maximum protection. Insure that backups are performed and that they are free of data corruption and malware infections.  Work with outside security and cloud vendors to ensure that our email systems are backed up and secure.  Make sure that all our servers get the latest security updates from their perspective operating system providers. Manage the company’s Internet presence and firewall systems. Manage access rights to servers in accordance with security policies.
  6. IT Communication and Education: Provide both to the end users as needed.
  7. Email: Administer, manage, and maintain electronic mail systems (currently Outlook.). Manage hosting and server networking software and hardware.
  8. Maintain scripting and integration of MIS system with shipping systems (ex. UPS Worldship) and customer systems.
  9. Phone systems maintenance: Maintain contracts and administration of both company’s IP phone system and our mobile phones contracts. Maintain control of the IP phones locally through the Kerio Operator server. Acquire new hardware equipment and program them as needed.
  10. Setup new hires: Purchase new equipment, software packages, and setup all the accounts and network accesses for new hires as appropriate to their specific jobs.
  11. Project Management: Work with the company’s management team on strategic planning. Propose new projects for improvements to existing systems. I maintain budgeting for IT.
  12. Actively participate and promote Boelte-Hall’s Continuous Improvement programs such as Integrated TOC, Lean and Six Sigma (iTLS).
  13. Actively participate in offering better ways for performing your job functions, reducing costs, rework.
  14. Actively participate in projects as directed by management, promoting cross-functional teamwork.
  15. Alert manager to any issues as they become known to you that might or will prevent a job or jobs from being completed according to the production schedule.
  16. Be flexible to changes that occur in your work schedule every day.
  17. Meet at determined intervals with department manager to discuss current skills and goals, as well as to determine the need for any additional training or changes in processes.


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IT Director

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