Polybag Operator – Printing Warehouse

Company Name: Trend Offset Printing
Contact Name: Debbie Simmons
City / State: Carrollton, Texas
Phone Number: 2145453115
Listing Title: Polybag Operator – Printing Warehouse
Listing Description:

The Polybag Operator position is Day Shift, hourly position, with proven track record/experience as a Polybag Operator in a Printing Production Warehouse environment.

Must be able to work up to 12 hours and weekends. Immediate hire for the qualified/skilled candidate proficient knowledge in all Polybag operations, machine set-up and use.

Trend Offset Printing is a full service Printing Production Warehouse Company, located in Carrollton, TX. Immediate hire for an experienced Polybag Operator to join our team in our Mailing Services Department.

Must have experience as a Polybag Operator in Printing Production to apply. Need not apply without experience in printing.


Responsible for setup and running of machines that inserts printed products (such as magazines, newspapers, catalogs, booklets, freebies, and inserts) into a polythene bag, then preparing the bags for collection by another department or palletizing the bags for shipment. Will also run other bindery equipment or machinery.


Performs manual and machine operator tasks related to the setup and operation of polybag and/or mailing machines and ancillary functions.
Perform inserting procedures, including setting up, operating and monitoring of mailing machines, loading envelopes/mailers into feeders, setting up conveyors and delivery, and loading products to be mailed.
Operate label/address application equipment by setting up, loading, and monitoring product feeder, setting up conveyors and optical scanning devices, setting up and loading lists/labels/cards/plates/tapes/disks, etc., adjusting image system and label application head/knives/slitters, starting and stopping machine to correct routine problems such as jammed product. (Some jobs require the use of a computer in mailing list processing).
Perform sorting procedures within postal regulations, including manual sorting, setting up and adjusting optical scanner and microprocessor for automatic sorting, and properly identifying/labeling products for distribution.
Perform bagging procedures, including manually bagging and/or setting up and operating semi-automatic bagging equipment; properly identifying/labeling products for distribution.
Loads stock (labels and/or bag tags); unloads printed stock; identifies printed labels and/or bag tags; does bursting and folding.
Observe machine operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled or packaged bagged products to standards.
Monitor the production line, watching for problems such as pile-ups, jams, or sealing operations on the bagging machinery that isn’t sealing or stacking properly.
Stock and sort product for packaging machine operation, and replenish packaging supplies, such as labels, boxes, cartons, glue, ink, or labels.
Identify when a polybag has an address label and postage indicia (PPI) applied to it.
Perform general bindery or inserter work when polybag machinery is not in operation due to low customer demand for polybag work.
Perform general housekeeping functions to maintain work area in a clean and orderly fashion.

High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience
Ability to read and understand written instructions
Proficient knowledge of polybag operations, machine set-up and use

Knowledge of applicability of various jobs related to bindery department
Thorough knowledge of polybag operation, mailing machines, machine set-up and use.
Understanding of quality systems and how they relate to customer expectations

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Listing Title: Polybag Operator – Printing Warehouse