Stitcher Operator – Bindery Warehouse

Company Name: Trend Offset Printing
Contact Name: Debbie Simmons
City / State: Carrollton, Texas
Phone Number: 2145453115
Listing Title: Stitcher Operator – Bindery Warehouse
Listing Description:

Trend Offset Printing located in Carrollton, Texas has immediate openings for Stitcher Operators in our Bindery Departments. We are a family owned full service printing production warehouse company. We offer 401k, medical/dental/vision benefits/and life insurance benefits after 90 days of employment.

This is an hourly position, pays $15.00 per hour to start. Need not apply without experience in printing.

Must have Stitcher Operator experience.

Must be able to work 12 hour shifts.

Must be able to work nights.

Must be able to work weekends.

Must be able to pass a pre hire physical and drug test.

Immediate hire for qualified/experienced candidates seeking long term employment as this is a direct hire, we are not a temp agency.


Sets up and operation of stitcher binder machinery (including gathering, stitching, trimming and/or mail labels) to form completed magazines, catalogs and pamphlets, and coordinates bindery team members interactions on the bindery line, ensuring each job is run according to customer specifications and meeting internal and external deadlines; maintains quality control and reduces waste or bindery downtime.


Examine job orders to determine quantities to be bound or inserted or special binding instructions. Ensure that bindery team members know job details to ensure proper bindery utilization.
Initiate and perform make-readies/set-ups, ensuring fine tuning of pockets to insure minimal drops and stops during operation.
Set and monitor machine to insure quality of finished product as well as optimal productivity.
Set up, adjust and normal repair of machinery as needed for smooth and trouble free operation, including jogging book into position to set long book detector, adjusting scanners as needed for tolerances of book size, adjusting head stroke to proper thickness of book, and adjust stitch leg length and clinch as necessary.
Perform trial runs at start up, checking books for adherence to specifications, and obtain approval to run from the supervisor.
Perform stitcher operations to operate and run bindery machinery, ensuring machine speed and quality of product are maintained.
Coordinate efforts of all bindery team members to ensure bindery is set up and operated according to bindery run schedule(s) meeting all deadlines.
Assist crew members as necessary throughout the run. Communicate with material handlers when more binding material is needed. Use of hand & electric pallet jacks to move loads of unfinished product into machine loading area. Ascertain that pallet lifters are available and in use.
Change, adjust, and set trimmer knives to proper length and width.
Inspect working parts and be able to recognize those that need replacement, reporting to management or maintenance any problems that would affect production.
Setup, monitor and maintain inkjet systems, inserter systems, label systems or other machinery to complete a job, as applicable.
Perform preventative maintenance, clean and lubricate stitcher as needed per manufacturers recommendations
Constantly monitor quality of finished product and pull office samples as required by.
Complete necessary paperwork and record data as required (such as counter readings, overrun count, return to stock forms for inserts, load tags for finished work).
Remove completed loads to staging area for shipment.
Maintain waste within acceptable range as defined by management per the job.
Ensure that all safety mechanisms (such as guards, interlocks and other devices) are in proper condition and report any deficiencies to supervision immediately. Engage Lockout/Tagout if necessary. Comply and enforce all safety procedures and policies.
Perform general machine maintenance for daily running of bindery machinery.
Maintain clean work environment and good housekeeping at all times.
Perform require paperwork, reports and inspections as required.
Attend and participate in required meetings and training.

Perform job functions of General Workers as needed.
Assist with training of General Workers as needed.
Perform other duties as assigned.

1+ years minimum work experience as a Stitcher Operator in printing/bindery operations.
1+ years work experience as a Stitcher Operator with thorough knowledge of Stitcher machinery operation.
Ability to read, write and comprehend written instructions and basic arithmetic functions.

1+ years work experience in operating a Saber or Wallenberg cutter machine

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Listing Title: Stitcher Operator – Bindery Warehouse