Event Information

  • Wed

    Sales Development Peer Group with Dave Mantel

    9am to 4pm

    Clampitt Creative Center 
    9207 Ambassador Row
    Dallas, TX 75247

    Sales Development Peer Group

    2-day kick off, 12-week training // Print sales veteran Dave Mantel 

    Back by popular demand! Learn from print sales veteran Dave Mantel how to be the best. Sell value, keep prices up and strengthen the print industry. Two day kick-off Wednesday & Thursday Feb. 20/21, 2019, followed by 12 weeks through a virtual training room. Participants get unlimited "on-demand” phone coaching and an OMG salesperson evaluation.


    Two-day kickoff

    Wednesday & Thursday, Feb. 20/21
    Morning session:  9am-noon
    Lunch break:  Noon-1pm
    Afternoon Session:  1-4pm

    Following the two-day session, the peer group will meet for an hour once a week for 12 weeks through a video chat room with Dave. Dave is also available to all participants individually for “on-demand” phone coaching where each attendee has total access to him for over-the-phone advice before/after sales calls or whenever they need his sales coaching throughout the 12 weeks.

    The cost is only $1695 per person and includes an OMG (Objective Management Group) Salesperson Evaluation. Limited offer in the exclusive peer group.




    DAVE MANTEL is a 20 year print sales veteran from the Seattle area and founder of Acme Sales Development, serving businesses committed to growing top line revenue in the sales-specific areas of assessment, recruiting process, training, coaching and accountability. Acme Sales Development has served companies across the US, in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

    Dave understands the process of building the kind of print sales force which outperforms the marketplace. Development is a process which most often includes the following services offered: 
    · Complete Sales Force Evaluation 
    · Building World Class Recruiting Process 
    · Sales Infrastructure Development 
    · Organizational Metrics 
    · Building a Predictable Pipeline 
    · Relevant and Effective Training 
    · Ongoing Coaching and Reinforcement 
    · Sales-Specific Management Consulting 
    · Value Differentiation 
    · Enterprise-Level Sales Success