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    Joint LEAN/CI Video Conference: Value-Stream Management & Mapping

    11:30a - 1:00p CDT

    Joint Video Conference - see event details for more information. 

    Join us for the next PIA MidAmerica joint video conference!

    Value-Stream Management & Mapping

    This presentation teaches the method of implementing Value Stream Mapping and is designed to create the awareness and necessity of the Value Stream Management process.  Our speaker will introduce the use of successful lean tools for selecting product families, mapping the value streams of selected families, and creating a plan and management system to transform the value stream to achieve customer expectations.  The final outcome of Value Stream Management is the creation of a complete visual plan for lean transformations, resulting in lower costs, short lead times and improved quality.

    Please plan to join us for this very informative presentation.  No matter where you are in your Lean Journey…or even if you have not started it yet…you will learn about many valuable Lean tools that can be used back  in your organization!

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     11:30am-1pm • Thursday, March 21
    $25 for PIA Members, $50 non-members • Lunch included
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    We will broadcast the presentation LIVE from Dallas for a fully interactive experience with the LEAN/CI sister group in Kansas City.


    If you are located outside of the DFW and KC Metro areas, please contact PIA MidAmerica,
    (800)788-2040 / info@piamidam.org. 

    TX/OK:  Dave Pierson, Membership Development • davep@piamidam.org • (469) 249-8271
    KS/MO: Stacy Steiner, Regional Director • stacys@piamidam.org • (206) 947-8471

    About the Speaker: Frank Groenteman, TMAC


    Frank Groenteman is a Senior Business Advisor with TMAC – Texas’s MEP, as well as an author, speaker and consultant.  He is certified as a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt Expert, a Bronze Level Lean Expert by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and holds many other certifications. 

    Frank was the internal Lean transformation manager for many companies.  He was the owner of an electronics company before joining TMAC and holds two USA patents.  He has trained thousands of people, mentored many individuals, consulted numerous companies and lead transformation projects resulting in millions of dollars of verifiable savings…plus saved or helped create thousands of jobs. His passion is helping people accelerate their growth. Frank received an MBA in Operations from The University of Dallas and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management from Oklahoma State University.  A fun fact is Frank is also a graduate of the Disney Management Institute.