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    Quick Takes Tuesday: Value of mail in today's digital world, with Allen Aven

    Noon-1pm CDT

    Live Webinar (link emailed 24 hours before)

    Value of mail in today’s digital world & how email can sell more stamps

    Does 20 million free consumers peak your interest? How about 40 million?

    The USPS has developed a new platform that utilizes digital resources to bridge physical mail and digital messaging — Informed Delivery. Utilizing a massive backbone of information within the Postal Services infrastructure, we now have much more information about where any piece of mail is, anywhere in the country. Informed Delivery provides mail recipients a daily feed (email or URL) showing a picture of the physical mail that is to be delivered that day. There are currently 20 million enrolled in the program with a projection of 40 million by the end of next year.
    We will explain the importance and value to marketers that Informed Delivery offers as well as step-by-step how a campaign is created and managed. 
    Webinar Presenter
    • Allen Aven, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at G&C Direct Mail Marketing


    Tuesday, May 21 • Noon-1pm CDT
    Live Webinar • (link emailed 24 hours prior)
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