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  • Mon

    Webinar: Workplace Violence Prevention

    Noon CDT

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    It seems like every week there is a mass shooter event someplace in America that tops the 24-hour news cycle. Public spaces, places of worship, schools – no place is safe from violence. But in reality, the most likely location for a mass casualty event is a commercial establishment…a workplace.
    The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires employers to provide a workplace “free from recognized hazards,” but there is no specific standard for dealing with Workplace Violence. Which means, it’s up to you.
    Our August Quick Takes Tuesday webinar will focus on what a Workplace Violence Prevention Program would look like.
    We will discuss:
    • Policies
    • Physical security
    • Human resources considerations
    • Law enforcement integration
    • Types of threats
    • Response measures
    We will also discuss current protocol and government guidance on dealing with “active shooter” situations.