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We provide a broad range of seminars/meetings at a local level (Dallas/Fort Worth and Kansas City) as well as webinars on technology, best business practices, and human resource topics. As an affiliate of Printing Industries of America, our members have access to top-notch national offerings such as the Continuous Improvement Conference, TAGA Annual Meeting, Print Leadership Conference and the Color Conference. Visit here for upcoming regional programming or here for national conferences and seminars.

Integrated Print Center

This site is invaluable for firms who are providing their clients with more than print products. White papers; software test drives; video; and economic and case studies are available at no cost to PIA MidAmerica Members.

iLearning Center

124LogoPrinting Industry of America’s Integrated Learning Center offers online training opportunities on topics ranging from print processes to sales to environmental health & safety. New offerings are constantly being added – all at very affordable pricing.

Lean In Action!

Since 2008, PIA MidAmerica members have been meeting on a regular basis to learn more about Lean Manufacturing (a.k.a. Lean Enterprise). A Roundtable group meets several times a year in Kansas City as well as another group meeting in Dallas/Fort Worth.

In 2014, approximately 15 companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth region decided it was time to begin looking at the Lean process and have now met several times. Participation is becoming broader at every meeting (there were over 40 in attendance at the August meeting) and more and more companies are exploring how they can adapt/adopt Lean methodologies to help them improve their operations.

If you are interested in learning more about these groups, please contact:

Teresa Campbell in Kansas City, 
DavePierson in Dallas/Fort Worth,

“As a long time practitioner of Lean, I’ve found PIA MidAmerica’s Lean in Action seminars to be remarkable for their consistent high quality content: presenters who are experts in Lean, top notch tours, and some excellent group interaction.  As print manufacturers, we all have to be masters of better-faster-lower cost, and these PIA Lean sessions have been outstanding for getting you thinking in that direction.”
                                                                                  – Brad Elledge, Director of Operations, NOSCO


List Servs provide a great way to network and exchange best practices with peers all over the country. PIA MidAmerica in partnership with Printing Industries of America provides eight different List Servs – at no cost – to members.

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