Our Industry


Printing and imaging continues as a vibrant, large, and every-changing industry which is an essential part of our national economy and impacts daily living by the minute.

  • Includes 36,500 establishments, employs nearly one million workers, with $166.6 billion in sales.
  • Most geographically dispersed manufacturing industry in the nation
  • The average production employee earns $46,500 a year (typically without requiring a college degree). Jobs in sales pay an average of $89,800 while administrative positions average $69,100.
  • Growth of printing and imaging tracks closely with general economic growth. It is not a volatile an industry as telecommunications, oil & gas, or auto manufacturing.
  • Growth sectors within our industry include digital printing, packaging, and mail and fulfillment services.
  • Rising use of computer and internet technology have contributed to printing’s well-being. Customers increasingly place their printing orders online and submit artwork using printers’ FTP sites.
  • Printing is largely immune to foreign competition with only approximately 5% of printed products originating off shore.
  • The printing industry and the nation’s postal system are inextricably linked.  The “mailing economy” contributes nearly $9 billion in economic value, close to 9% of the nation’s GDP.
  • Last year, advertising mail contributed more than $686 billion in increased sales to the U.S. economy. 
  • This industry is committed to recycling waste and encourages printing on recycles paper. Last year, America recycled 56% of all paper consumed.
  • Many printing firms and their suppliers not only seek to reduce their environmental footprint, they have are seeking or have already received their “green” credentials from various environmental groups.