Wage & Benefit Survey – 2019

The Association's annual Wage & Benefit Survey is available to participating member companies for FREE! Member companies which choose not to share their information can purchase the survey results for $250.  Nonmembers for $750. If you would like to purchase the Wage & Benefit Survey for 2019, please contact info@piamidam.org or 800-788-2040. 

2018 MIS Survey

2018 Survey of Management Information Systems – 44 software products specifically developed for the print industry are in this survey. Along with various information about the software (# of installations, software modules, etc.) there is a section allowing firms to provide a one page description of their software. This file has been structured within a

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QTT Webinar: Credit Card Processing, Security & Pricing, presented by CardConnect

Christina Braatz, Association Development Executive and Travis Smith, Dedicated PIA MidAmerica Sales Consultant at CardConnect present the benefits of making payments simple, secure and reliable.  PIA MidAmerica Members only, if you need the download password, or are not a member and would like to purchase the webinar for $39, please contact info@piamidam.org or 800-788-2040.   

Chart of Accounts

This industry specific Chart of Accounts allows firms to create a P&L as well as a balance sheet that offers meaningful data, plus the format used allows easy participation in the annual PIA Ratio Studies. For nearly 100 years, Printing Industries of America has conducted its annual Ratio Studies which is considered the industry's premier financial

Budgeted Hourly Rate Calculator

This simple system of calculating Budgeted Hourly Rates was created by PIA MidAmerica for its members.  The calculator is an Excel spread sheet allowing companies to create hourly rates (full absorption, machine, and variable) based on their costs of operation.  A Word document is included to help guide the reader through the process of developing

Best Business Practices – a.k.a. Trade Customs

Since Trade Customs no longer exist in the printing industry, a cross-section of industry experts representing the major industry trade associations developed this publication. This document is comprised of "best business practice" language which should be incorporated into a company's terms & conditions of sale.  Published by the Printing Industries of Amercia