PIA MidAmerica excels in helping our members quickly understand applicable OSHA regulations and quickly – and inexpensively – come into full compliance. Members have access to no-cost “white papers” on various regulatory topics.

Our expert consultants can craft a program which can fit your needs, whether it is occasional training or developing and assisting in the operation of a comprehensive safety program. Contact Teresa Campbell at (800) 788-2040 for more information regarding OSHA or Environmental Compliance.

Lab Testing

Often when conflicts arise concerning “jobs gone bad” there is a need for an unbiased, third-party evaluation to determine what went wrong and how to prevent it from occurring in the future. Printing Industries of America’s Lab has over four decades of industry experience evaluating materials used in the graphic arts industry. Our Lab can also provide quality control evaluations for printers, suppliers, and vendors across the industry.

Contact us info@piamidam.org for more information.

Business Management

PIA MidAmerica’s staff has the know-how to assist members in finding the right sources for assistance in day-to-day business issues – Human Resources, Production, Digital Workflow, Accounting, and much, much, more. Whether it’s providing telephone support, a white paper, or connecting you with a top-notch consultant, we are your Trusted Source! Contact us at (800) 788-2040 or info@piamidam.org.