El Toro: Match online IP & physical addresses to maximize offline communication

El Toro is revolutionizing print and digital advertising through its distinct approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses. Their team is making it possible to combine the accuracy of direct mail targeting with the modern effectiveness and assertiveness of online advertising. El Toro is able match physical addresses with IP addresses at a 95 percent

QTT – April 24, 2018 – State of the Industry

Print is off to a running start in 2018 – both an Olympics and a mid-term election – which means a double boost for print. During our live, monthly, 1-hour Quick Takes Tuesday webinar,  Tai McNaughton, senior economist with PIA National (Printing Industries of America), shared about the growth potential foreseen on multiple fronts as

QTT – 2018 OSHA Top 25 Quick Takes Webinar

Safety expert Brian Rutherford presents OSHA in 2018, Top 25 printing industry violations. This presentation covers the Top 25 OSHA printing industry violations along with state-by-state and regional data about inspections. Click below to view the webinar and webinar documents. PIA MidAmerica Members only, if you need the download password, or are not a member