Value of Print – Flip Book

This publication provides facts and figures to support the importance of print in a modern media world. Misconceptions are addressed and plenty of statistics and research is provided to help a sales force demonstrate the Value of Print.

Disaster Recovery Guide

Although originally published over 10 years ago, this publication is a solid model that can be used by any company to create it's own Disaster Recovery document.  Disasters come in many forms and could be in the form of a tornado, flood, fire, or a hacked database -- all of which PIA members have suffered over

Best Business Practices – a.k.a. Trade Customs

Since Trade Customs no longer exist in the printing industry, a cross-section of industry experts representing the major industry trade associations developed this publication. This document is comprised of "best business practice" language which should be incorporated into a company's terms & conditions of sale.  Published by the Printing Industries of Amercia

Membership Directory

PIA MidAmerica is one of the industry's largest regional Printing Industries of America affiliates with over 400 member companies -- with a broad range of capabilities.  This PDF publication is the "print" version of PrintAccess, our online/real-time directory.  Full contact information is part of the directory along with listings of member capabilities. PIA MidAmerica members

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