This week, we have several members of our Management Committee attending the PIA President’s Conference in Long Beach, CA.

The theme for the conference this year is “20/20”, as printing professionals gather to find clarity in a changing world and what that means for the future of our industry. The goal of this conference is to explore strategies and resources for long-term plans that are designed to help us better serve our customers while continuing to improve and grow our business.

Yesterday, our President, Mark Hanf, was a panelist of four in the final afternoon session. The topic of discussion revolved around Cheryl Kahanec’s presentation question: “Where is print headed?”



The panelist approach was factored in because there is no better way to gauge the current health and future well-being of an industry than to hear it directly from the people who manage businesses in it. Ringing true to that, each panelist offered a different perspective and approach to expanding their offerings outside of just ink and paper. From there, the audience engaged in questions, intent on listening to firsthand experience.

“It’s an excellent event, providing some time to spend with folks with similar companies to ours, and in the trenches working to make the best decisions for their companies for today and for the future.” – Mark Hanf